Entertaining Machine Learning Failures

Proof that robots won't be taking over any time soon.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the question of “Humans vs Machines” is not new to you.  Although the volume may have recently increased due to technological advances, the story has been told over and over again, in a variety of different ways.

At an IIA conference, Jerry Kaplan of Stanford University, a leading faculty member in the domain of machine learning, suggested that the media often characterizes AI and machine learning as magic, which Kaplan holds couldn’t be further from the truth.  Machine learning instead is rooted in traditional domains like neural networks and recommendation systems. Despite that, I agree with Kaplan. Sometimes, the media is looking for a great story.

With that in mind, let’s jump start the weekend with a collection of AI failures, which make for really funny stories:

Judah vs the Machines:

Check out this series of short videos by comedian Judah Friedlander, as he represents “humanity” in various AI technology challenges.


An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong:

This is the perfect example of why the human mind is necessary in creative endeavors.


InspiroBot Generates Random Inspirational Images:

Inspiring? No. Entertaining? Most certainly!


“Silicon Valley” and “Well-Defined Domains”:

Although fictional, this instance is certainly hilarious, and 100% plausible. From the show Silicon Valley, the character Jian Yang’s develops a phone app for recognizing “hot dog; not hot dog”. Character Earlich Bachman is thrilled at what he perceives as Jian Yang’s invention of a recognition engine for sorting any type of food, when in fact the domain was much smaller and far more focused. For those who are not fans of the show, turns out the application has a useful purpose after all. (Watch the show! It’s the second last episode from this season. Caution… NSFW)

Good or evil, helpful or harmful, humanity’s savior or downfall. Regardless of what side of the AI fence you sit on, we can all agree, AI will be a source of entertainment for years to come.

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