Analytics Strategy, Maturity Assessment and Roadmap Development Solution

Corios offers analytics maturity assessments and analytics roadmaps to help clients arrange and orchestrate the most important process and capability development priorities for your business’ analytics activities – we call this offering “Conductor.”

What Conductor Means for You

With Conductor, Corios helps our clients understand where they are on the analytics maturity scale, how their analytics operations stack up to their competitors’, where they need to be in order to achieve their desired outcome, and what it takes to get there.

Corios’ Conductor solution helps clients:

  • Map current and future-state architecture, functional requirements, data requirements, and the connections between current and future-state needs.
  • Develop a roadmap for your future-state analytics platform.
  • Identify business requirements and high level design of your future-state analytics architecture.

Corios Conductor Solution

Corios Conductor brochure

Get a briefing on the Corios Conductor approach, strategy, process and outcomes for your enterprise analytics challenges.
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Corios Conductor RedPaper: Analytics Maturity and Why it Matters

Analytic maturity is exceptionally compelling because, as we found in our field research, Analytically Competitive firms enjoy a 25% share price growth advantage over companies in the next tier down the analytic maturity ladder, and a 40-60% share price growth advantage over even less analytically mature firms.
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Corios Conductor RedPaper: Analytics Talent Management

Retaining great analytic talent is driven more by providing challenging, thought-provoking and meaningful projects to decision scientists, compared to compensation alone. Here’s how to deliver a first-in-class analytic culture and talent strategy.
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Corios Conductor testimonials

Corios bridged the divide between IT and Marketing

Robin Way (Corios’ founder and President) is that rarest of breeds: an accomplished data guru who can translate complex technical concepts into terms that every business person can understand and appreciate. His leadership in bridging the historical divide between our IT and Marketing functions has been integral to helping our company achieve its vision of a data-focused, insight-driven organization.

James Weber, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President
Comerica Bank

Step-by-step approach to effective predictive modeling and its application in business

Robin Way (Corios’ founder and President) is an expert in field of analytics and he draws on his vast consulting experience to curate salient points using real-world examples. Robin starts by helping (you) assess (your) organization’s analytical maturity and provides practical insights for enhancing the organizations analytical capabilities, and aligning business and analytics priorities.

He then offers a step-by-step approach to effective predictive modeling and its application in business. And finally, a playbook for leveraging “big data” including customer interactions and transactions, and optimization analytics.

Abbas Merchant, Group Vice President, Marketing and Customer Insights
M&T Bank

Your expertise and decisive direction were instrumental

I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your assistance developing the Analytics Deployment capabilities at my prior employer.  In a few short years, we were able to dramatically change the timeframe and effort required to deploy our Predictive Models.

I think back to the 9 to 15-month lifecycle that it once took to develop and deploy our models and am so pleased with our current capability of deploying our SAS models directly into production without the lengthy technology conversion.

Your expertise and decisive direction were instrumental in breaking down the barriers and leading our large organization through this change. I so appreciate working with a brilliant team that also has the integrity to deliver on its promises.  I see that your team is growing and it does not surprise me. It is often a challenge to find consultants to partner with that deliver as specified and are a pleasure to work with.

John A, Analytics executive
One of the top 10 largest property and casualty insurers in the US

We recommend Corios to anyone looking to build a business optimizing analytics and big data

We brought in Robin Way of Corios to help us identify our business and technical requirements, develop a business strategy where we could optimize our clients’ business performance using forward-looking data-driven strategies, design an implementation approach that we could phase in over time, and give us the confidence to proceed with these cloud-based analytics.

We’d recommend Corios to anyone looking to have an implementable strategy on AWS that relies on having actionable, business optimizing analytics and big data.

Paul Weinert, Chairman and Founder
GrayBox Digital Consulting