You face a range of decisions and choices when it’s time to migrate data and analytics workloads to the cloud, build compliance analytics models, or generate mission-critical financial or utility risk forecasts. And the mass of technology and consulting options offering assistance usually adds complexity to choosing the best path forward.

Corios professional services and solutions help you demystify your analytics and highlight data value that leads to better business results. We understand that making smart technology and process choices begins with clarifying your data and analytics challenges and needs. Our domain expertise sets the tone for finding answers, working alongside the people that make your analytics hum.

Analytics Modernization

Corios Rosetta software and analytics modernization services anchor a more strategic and simple process for SAS workload migrations to the Amazon cloud.

Tap our expertise to gain command of your analytics assets for better business efficiency and growth.

Credit Risk and Compliance Analytics

Corios credit risk and compliance services modernize production-scale compliance analytics with solutions for financial institutions.

Work with our experts for method and process tailored to your unique forecasting, loss and regulatory data prep needs.

Utility Analytics

Corios utility analytics services apply our broad experience with grid optimization and load forecasting data to assist energy companies in North America.

With our Lightning software-based solution, we help establish scalable analytics models for SAS and open-source platforms.

Corios bridged the historical divide between our IT and Marketing functions and has been integral to helping our company achieve its vision of a data-focused, insight-driven organization.

James Weber, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President
Comerica Bank

Instruments of the Corios solution suite

It takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to modernize and maximize analytics. Strategic, sustainable solutions should do more than answer questions. They should inform better analytics-based business process and decisions.

We orchestrate beat, melody, and rhythm with our proprietary analytics solutions that multiply client value by influencing better long-term data performance and profitability. Discover five approaches in the Corios process that are key to effective modernization.


Analytics roadmap process

Orchestrate more mature business analytics


Model risk inventory solution

Know your model measure and practices


Model development solution

Learn the secret to synchronized models


Marketing optimization

Enhance marketing data with buyer analytics alignment


Managed analytics services

Match your compute support to your analytics investment


Proven Customer Use Cases

We stake our reputation on the measure of client success. Producing results that are worth 20 times our fees demands a tight focus on outcomes and a superior return on your investment. Let our client experiences tell you the stories in their numbers.

Corios ‘flix on analytics insights

Sharpen your data and analytics management knowledge with our learning resources and bridge the data decision gaps that diminishes your analytics value.

Check out CEO Robin Way in this video on Organic Intelligence, AI and Math at a SAS Institute event.