An analytics managed services solution

Investing in an expanded analytics business process is no small undertaking. Not only will you need the necessary people, data, tools, and model assets to support it – you’ll also need the computing environment to house it all.

And a new computing environment, including hardware, storage, security and network access, means work – lots of it. From building, to implementation, to process management, to data security, managing your platform for analytics can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming for your entire team. Internal hardware is often overbuilt, hard to adapt, slow to act, and not responsive to the business. And to top it off, few analysts have anywhere to turn for support or guidance.

To navigate this transition successfully, organizations need an analytics computing environment designed by analytics professionals, built from the ground up for the way you work, and backed by sound architecture, security, DevOps and ModelOps practices.

Guidance, data security, and total business process support

Corios Legato fills the gap between merely having a cloud platform with all of its tools and services, and actually operating a fully-managed ModelOps business process. Legato is more than just virtual hardware—we prioritize ongoing guidance and process support for our managed services analytics clients. And we have 7 years of successful SOC2 and PCI audits to back it up.

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Corios Legato client testimonials

Extremely pleased with Corios’ turn-around time and professionalism

Unlike other analytics projects, where it typically takes 8-12 months or more to see results, Corios rapidly designed and built a secure, privacy-compliant analytics environment in just a few weeks. We were extremely pleased with Corios’ turn-around time and professionalism. The main proof point I go back to is how it accelerated the alignment of the data work to overall corporate strategy.

Drew Anderson, Chief Data Officer and Investor Relations Director
Umpqua Bank

We were stunned at how rapidly we could see useful results

In contrast to other initiatives, where we had become accustomed to waiting six months and seeing very little of value emerge from it, Corios rapidly produced a very compelling pilot solution for our purchased coverage portfolio management analytics initiative in about 2 weeks.

We were stunned at how rapidly we could see useful results. It was hard to find anything to critique out of Corios’ analytics solution, and it enabled us to quickly confirm that Corios and AWS should be on our roadmap for future development of warranty analytics solutions.

Mike F, Captive finance executive
One of the world's top heavy vehicle manufacturers