Our analytical process

‘Big Data’ may feel like the next big thing, but it’s been around for a long time. And as widely adopted as the field of analytics has become, the practices and frameworks that it employs are as arcane, fragmented and undisciplined as they are exciting.

At Corios, we’re demystifying and democratizing this process. Beyond analysis and execution, we believe that a common language and transparent understanding of the analytical process is essential for business success. We’re moving away from the mystical – making big data analytics simple, approachable, and implementable for both analysts and decision makers.

The Corios Way

Corios does more than provide answers, we provide solutions. We’re driven to help our clients meet their business objectives, and we base our value in our ability to generate measurable business outcomes and meaningful change in our clients’ business performance. That means building the infrastructure and the solutions to create a competitive advantage that continues to be realized beyond the confines of our contractual engagement.

The Corios Way is about more than the steps we take in our process; it’s about how we approach our client engagements and conduct our work.


The first stage in our analytical process, ‘Define’ captures our approach to developing relationships with stakeholders, subject matters and individual contributors. We want to know how your organization communicates, sets and executes on goals, and how you measure performance. Our goal in the ‘Define’ stage is to provide your team with a roadmap for closing the gap between your current and future desired state.


The ‘Predict’ phase of our work is focused on understanding the behavior and tendencies of your customers, and forecasting how they will behave in the future in a variety of circumstances. Our goal in the ‘Predict’ stage is to hone in on an interaction strategy that best achieves your desired outcome.


During the ‘Optimize’ phase of work, the Corios team leverages decades of statistical expertise to assign the best interaction strategy to each of your customers based on our understanding and predictions of their behavior. Our goal in the ‘Optimize’ stage is to identify the best mix of strategies by balancing your business objectives with the goals of your customers.


In the ‘Execute’ stage of our process, we launch your optimized mix of strategies into the field, and capture the responses to these strategies as definitively as possible.


No closed loop methodology is complete without an analysis of the results. In the ‘Measure’ stage of the Corios Way, we compare our predictions, strategies, executed campaigns and customer responses in order to measure and evaluate the impact on your business performance, and generate practical recommendations to improve performance in the next business cycle.

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