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Guiding our clients to more confident decisions via analytics.

Our Mission is Guiding Clients.

Our mission is guiding clients towards more effective decisions about their customer relationships, risk mitigation and asset protection. We do this by designing and implementing tailored analytics capabilities that help you monitor, detect and act on the critical opportunities in your business to protect and grow its value.

We rely on our experience and intellectual property in data engineering and data science, reflected in our track record of delighted clients, to make your results remarkably effective and your engagement with Corios worry-free.

What We Can Do For You

Customer Relationship Value

Customer Relationship Value

  • Offer response
  • Customer value (CLV) optimization
  • Marketing offer timing
  • Customer retention
  • Next Best Offer
Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

  • Credit default and loss modeling
  • Fraud prediction and prevention
  • Proactive loss management
  • CECL/IFRS17 portfolio analysis
Asset Protection

Asset Protection

  • Analytics Platform Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • P&L optimization
  • Model validation
  • Demand forecasting

Your expertise and decisive direction were instrumental

I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your assistance developing the Analytics Deployment capabilities at my prior employer.  In a few short years, we were able to dramatically change the timeframe and effort required to deploy our Predictive Models.

I think back to the 9 to 15-month lifecycle that it once took to develop and deploy our models and am so pleased with our current capability of deploying our SAS models directly into production without the lengthy technology conversion.

Your expertise and decisive direction were instrumental in breaking down the barriers and leading our large organization through this change. I so appreciate working with a brilliant team that also has the integrity to deliver on its promises.  I see that your team is growing and it does not surprise me. It is often a challenge to find consultants to partner with that deliver as specified and are a pleasure to work with.

John A, Analytics executive
One of the top 10 largest property and casualty insurers in the US

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Why Corios Is AGreat Boutique Partner

Really talented people

It’s a combination of being smaller but also really talented people. With bigger vendors, you have four people on the phone and explain it to them, it takes forever. Corios has really smart people, they can get it done quickly, and can move when they need to.

Responsiveness: I can pick up a phone and just ask them something

Most technology firms are so huge that it takes 15 people and 14 committees to get anything done, so everything becomes excruciatingly slow. In contrast, Corios is three time zones away, but I can pick up a phone and just ask them something. That’s the most refreshing element.

Why We're a Great Partner

Corios’Domain Expertise

What impressed me was their business principle

What impressed me was their business principle: “We’re not a black box, we’re here to show you everything you want to know, because we believe the more you know, the more you’re going to want to know.”

Corios distills large, complex data to give us an actionable outcome

Corios is good at taking large, complex datasets and distilling them down to give an actionable outcome for us. They have a lot of technical expertise, but also capability to understand the data to make it actionable.

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