Lightning utility analytics video demo introduces better path to grid forecasting

Electric utility hourly demand forecasting for distribution planning

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If your work for an electric utility is focused on the launch or plans for launching a grid modernization initiative, we know your load forecast needs. Critical from the start is ensuring your plan meets both top-down regulatory requirements and bottom-up distributed energy resource impacts.

If you’re like our other clients, including Southern California Edison, you’ll agree the ideal approach to effective grid modernization must be transparent and proven. It demands expertise and technology to design a modular strategy built on a scalable analytics platform. To address this business need, we introduced the Lightning solution in 2021.

Answering key questions to grid challenges

Our white box, service-based platform for tackling analytics for grid modernization was created based on the client questions we encounter when building a strategy. Getting to the bottom of the Where/When/Why and How of challenges impacting the grid – from location to cause and magnitude – is the basis for getting on a roadmap to addressing critical grid issues. This requires expertise across the data, grid and human factors influencing a reliable analytics-based forecast.

Corios Lightning is a distribution planning and forecasting solution that provides a ten-year hourly forecast of megawatt demand for every substation and feeder on your grid, adjusted for economic growth, load growth projects, capacity transfers and DER adoption.

Utility grid data at work

John Willey, lead designer and architect of Corios Lightining and the leader of our utility analytics practice, will guide you through the insights to be gained when applying Lightning at the foundation of distribution and asset planning efforts.

As you view the video walk through in the link below, take note of the proof in the example reports and discover the detail in the forecasting as it is applied to different scenarios that power planning engineers are considering as the future of power demands shift.

Want to learn more about Corios Lightning for your utility’s grid modernization? Send me a note directly to or use our contact us form to tell us more about your project.

Robin Way

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