A Model development and Deployment solution for reduced cycle time and information technology alignment

It’s no secret that properly deployed models create measurable and significant financial benefits.

But the average predictive model takes 3-6 months to build, and 6-12 months to put into production – enough time for fluctuations in the system or market to severely dilute its accuracy. Additionally, many businesses struggle with implementing analytic models in production systems, because analytics and IT departments tend to have few shared conventions or practices.

As a result, many companies are not realizing the full economic potential of their analytic model assets.

In order to fully capitalize on this economic potential, businesses must develop common processes for communicating and integrating model deployment practices across multiple constituencies in analytics, IT, information security, and the customer-facing field.

Structure and discipline in your model’s communication and performance

Having implemented over 50 successful model development and deployment projects throughout the US and Canada, Corios’ Tempo solution allows your team to:

  • Gain confidence in your model deployment process, and establish clear connections between models and the business decisions they inform
  • Blend the approaches between analytics and IT departments to align capabilities and form a common language
  • Accelerate your analytics development and deployment process
  • Improve model accuracy through detailed historical data
  • Increase efficiency by providing updates to financial advisors daily through reduced cycle time

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Model Deployment: The Moment of Truth

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