The Corios Team

At Corios, our people are at the heart of our company – we’ve built a savvy, determined team equipped with the tools and experience for success. Our staff is driven to break down barriers around data and to empower business leaders with straightforward, actionable insights. We’re passionate about Corios’ ultimate goal: to simplify the complex and humanize the mechanical.

The Corios team is comprised of people who have deep expertise in a variety of key subjects, including risk management and compliance, marketing analytics and optimization, pricing analytics, and big data analytics. With this host of knowledge, we’ll bridge the gap between your data and decisions.

“I thrive when looking at numbers, figuring out patterns, and being able to tell a story.”
Sarah Welker, Analytics Consultant

Multiplying Value for Your Business

Our powerful mix of senior-level skills and a constant push for innovation is what sets Corios apart from the rest. Together, our team members have decades of domain expertise in management analytics consulting and track the latest trends in software and technology to help solve problems effectively. While our team members come from different walks of life, all our passions converge at bringing a human element to the world of data.


We believe that taking a comprehensive approach to our work means investing in our team. Our innovative training and education program, Corios Academy, accelerates the careers of Corios employees and advances knowledge in our industry – we care about fostering learning and helping professionals in our industry achieve their career goals. Corios Academy demonstrates this dedication to excellence and leads to success for both employees and clients alike. Learn more.

“The Corios team thrives together, whether we’re working on a challenging problem or celebrating the fruits of our labor.”
Austin Barber, Analytics Consultant

About Robin WAY

The Corios team is led by company founder and President Robin Way. An established thought leader in the field of applied analytics, Robin has 30 years’ experience in the design, development, execution and improvement of applied analytics models for clients in the credit, payments, lending, brokerage, insurance and energy industries.

skateRobin is also the author of Skate Where the Puck’s Headed: A Playbook for Scoring Big with Predictive Analytics. In it, he compiles research from Corios’ decades of experience delivering analytics solutions for business decision making into a database of case studies. Based on this evidence, the book offers data-driven insights about analytics maturity, organizational effectiveness, adoption of technology, and analytics best practices.



Robin’s professional passion lies in his efforts to democratize and demystify the science of applied analytics. His contributions to the field are focused around statistical visualization, analytical data preparation, predictive modeling, time series forecasting, mathematical optimization applied to marketing and risk management strategies.


Prior to Corios, Robin spent 12 years as an Analytical Consultant in the Financial Services division at SAS, and has 10 years of experience in analytical management roles.

Robin is the lead faculty member for the Banking Analytics Research Council on behalf of the International Institute for Analytics (IIA). He’s avidly addressing the gaps created by the lack of common language and processes in the field of applied analytics, and pursues every opportunity to move the conversation forward.

“We provide our clients with more than just a report – we’re building frameworks and software that they actually use every day.”
John Willey, VP of Operations

Want to learn more about what Robin’s up to? Check out our Resources page or follow him on LinkedIn to stay up to date with his latest work!