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Omnichannel customer monitoring and offer delivery via SAS and Salesforce

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These days, customer acquisition costs are through the roof – and it’s become more important than ever to understand buyer behavior and target promotions effectively. To be truly effective, information about your next best offer campaigns should come from more than just traditional product and market data.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of contact strategies, we think our clients should deploy a data-driven approach, leverage predictive analytics, and attack the problem from an omni-channel perspective – allowing them to present the right offer to the right buyer at the right time.

The Corios Harmony solution delivers our Marketing Analytics Platform, or MAP. MAP is a closed loop system, recording interactions with customers across all touchpoints, for marketing and sales, to deliver the appropriate message, and to monitor the customer’s own interactions with us. In short, it’s a learning and predictive platform to help you present the right offer to the right customer at the right time through the right channel.

We’ve developed a three-video series to package the following information:

  1. An introduction to Corios Harmony and MAP
  2. A day-in-the-life story of a business banking customer and how MAP helps the bank deliver next best actions
  3. An in-depth technical walkthrough of the Corios MAP platform, functions and integration amongst all channels, the customer decision hub and the CRM

Our first video shares an overview of Corios Harmony and the MAP platform. It’s 5 minutes long, and suitable for all audiences.

The following video tells the story of the day in the life of Brian Gates, a business banking customer of Great California Bank. Brian is a business owner who wants to address unmet financial needs to help his business grow and thrive. In this 18-minute story, you’ll learn how the Corios Harmony strategy will help Brian’s relationship managers add value through the lead cycle and produce a win-win for Brian and the bank in making a relevant and profit-generating offer.

Finally, the purpose of the third video is to share the nitty gritty details of a complete working system with you, in a tight 16-minute package. If you’re someone who is evaluating Corios Harmony from a functional, technical, integration or day-in-the-life usage perspective, this is the right video for you. If you jumped ahead, don’t forget to also watch our other videos that accompany this deep dive, where we introduce some of these basic capabilities and strategies.

If you’d like to learn even more about Corios Harmony and the Corios MAP platform, give us a call or send me an email. Thanks!

Robin Way

The Founder and President of Corios, Robin’s professional passion lies in democratizing and demystifying the science of applied analytics. An established thought leader fueled with 30 years’ experience in the design, development, execution and improvement of applied analytics models, Robin welcomes every opportunity to move the analytics conversation forward.

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