Next best offer featuring the Corios Harmony strategy

Adding value through the customer lead cycle via predictive analytics and real-time scoring

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When I speak with our clients’ Chief Marketing Officers and other leaders of customer relationship strategy, the topic of more effective on-boarding and lead nurturing arises frequently. Specifically, how can they deploy the data-driven approaches they’ve developed for direct marketing in the lead cycle?

The challenge with which they’re grappling represents two key transitions from business as usual:

  • the transition from relating with pools of customers to individual customers
  • the transition from batch, offline outreach, to real-time interaction with those customers.

These leaders need to provide their front-line relationship managers with tailored, responsive and relevant customer treatments, through whichever channel the customer wants to engage.

The following video tells the story of the day in the life of Brian Gates, a business banking customer of Great California Bank. Brian is a business owner who wants to address unmet financial needs to help his business grow and thrive. Watch this 18-minute story to learn how the Corios Harmony strategy will help Brian’s relationship managers add value through the lead cycle and produce a win-win for Brian and the bank in making a relevant and profit-generating offer.

This story is told in three chapters:

  1. The day in the life of the business banking customer and the bank’s relationship managers that help him identify how to address his unmet financial needs
  2. The solution architecture that orchestrates the contact strategy with the customer across multiple channels and adds value to each interaction via predictive analytics and scoring
  3. How the architecture enables the bank’s relationship managers to nurture this lead and identify the ideal offer for the customer that not only meets his needs but also maximizes value for the bank

Corios also showcases in this video how we provide real-time predictive scoring for next best offers, developed in SAS, to front-line relationship managers through familiar tools, such as

If you want to know more about the Corios Harmony solution, I recommend you read our case study about this Corios client who earned more than $7 million in incremental sales income in two months using next best offer strategies. And please contact me to learn how your organization can apply these strategies for your business!

Robin Way

The Founder and President of Corios, Robin’s professional passion lies in democratizing and demystifying the science of applied analytics. An established thought leader fueled with 30 years’ experience in the design, development, execution and improvement of applied analytics models, Robin welcomes every opportunity to move the analytics conversation forward.

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