Marketers today have access to data in ways that have never before been possible. Data generated by governments, businesses and consumers offers a rich resource, full of information about individual customers, segments, markets, and competition. But to leverage this data for a competitive advantage, marketers need an analytical approach designed to drive strategic action and business results.

Corios helps marketers in the banking, insurance and retail industries develop strategic analytics capabilities to harness the power of this data. Our offerings act like a lever for your marketing ROI. We help clients understand, properly segment, and predict changes in customer behavior.

By targeting the right customers, with the right offer, at the right time, Corios leverages decades of marketing analytics expertise to help clients increase response rates and customer loyalty while mitigating attrition and reducing campaign costs.

Our marketing analytics expertise includes:


Marketing Model Deployment

Businesses everywhere systematically struggle with efficient execution and implementation of a model and its insights. Inefficiencies in cycle or deployment time can compromise the integrity and relevance of your data, as well as significantly reduce the ROI on your analytics strategy.

At Corios, we’ve developed a Model Deployment solution designed to improve the performance of client models and maximize efficiency in the implementation process. With our proprietary Tempo solution, clients are able to:

  • Reduce cycle time for scoring
  • Assign customer strategies at the moment of truth
  • Detect customer behavior measured by transactions
  • Deploy customer recommendations in real time


Marketing Optimization

Presenting the right offer to the right customer at the right time is an enormous undertaking. It requires not only an understanding of consumer behavior and likeliness to respond – marketing strategy must be balanced with conflicting business initiatives and resource constraints.

At Corios, we’ve built marketing optimization solution that enables our clients to make the most of each individual customer communication, maximizing economic outcomes in alignment with larger business objectives and variables like resource and budget constraints or contact policies. Our proprietary Harmony solution utilizes mathematical techniques to help clients:

  • Send the right message to the right customer at the right time
  • Maximize effectiveness of customer contact strategies
  • Grow profits by properly utilizing campaign resources


Test & Learn

Many businesses recognize the importance of conducting tests and analyzing customer data, but lack the tools necessary to execute a comprehensive testing strategy. The rise of digital channels of communication means that typical direct marketing models – that only consider a single action and measure a single response – fall short in their ability to measure a program’s impact on customer behaviors. The test-and-learn analytical strategy identifies impacts across the entire customer relationship over time using the applied concept of experimentation in the business environment.

A formalized test-and-learn approach helps organizations understand how to best execute customer communications, optimized offer and product strategies, removing any guesswork about how a marketing strategy will impact in overall business performance. This robust approach identifies the strategies that provide businesses with the most return and avoids the risk of implementing expensive mistakes which will negatively impact performance. Corios implements test-and-learn capabilities to help clients:

  • Find the right offering mix that motivates customer action
  • Measure the impact of a mix of actions across channels over time
  • Optimize critical elements of each offering
  • Generate powerful insights that lead to specific profit-increasing action


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