Corios auto manufacturing downtime and warranty analytics case study

Reducing automotive downtime and warranty claims volume through predictive analytics

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Corios built a proactive parts replacement campaign with one of its auto manufacturing clients in an effort to reduce downtime for its fleets and reduce warranty claims volume.

We identified the factors related to parts failure and developed targeting criteria to identify the highest-risk vehicles. These criteria were used to contact the fleet manager for a proactive service visit, thereby reducing downtime should the part fail during drive time.

This six-minute video presents the highest-impact results from the engagement.

The analytics involved 450 million data points for the active fleet of vehicles over a 4 month period. We used SAS Visual Analytics to develop the dashboard used by the client’s warranty analysts to identify the risks and develop the targeting criteria for proactive contact to fleet managers.

This project was especially fun and challenging due to the wide range of data sources available for the analysis: telematics-generated trip and vehicle event diagnostics, service histories on each vehicle, fleet history, driver usage patterns, and sequences of event histories tied to vehicle events and service histories.

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