4 things CRM systems don’t deliver for lead management, but should

There isn't a magic silver AI or machine learning algorithm either

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There are four essential capabilities that relationship managers need to properly manage their leads and client relationships, which CRM platforms really ought to offer out of the box, but which we’ve found are challenging to deliver in the real world.
These include:
  1. Client recognition, matching and householding
  2. Access to the complete view of the customer: including their products, transactions, and behavior
  3. Next best offer analytics
  4. Omnichannel marketing and sales orchestration
There’s no magic solution in prepackaged AI, machine learning and neural nets. Instead, this is where human subject matter experts, augmented by experience, insight and good data and analytics, are the key to building a sustainable solution.

Robin Way

The Founder and President of Corios, Robin’s professional passion lies in democratizing and demystifying the science of applied analytics. An established thought leader fueled with 30 years’ experience in the design, development, execution and improvement of applied analytics models, Robin welcomes every opportunity to move the analytics conversation forward.

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