Facing growing complexity and a multi-channel business environment, companies need to be able to answer fundamental business questions around profitability. Pricing analytics creates a mechanism for managing profitability, and helps executives more clearly understand the internal and external factors affecting profitability at a granular level.

Corios helps clients build pricing analytics capabilities by leveraging expertise in the following areas:


Profitability Forecasting

Our Forte solution empowers lenders, credit issuers, and retail private label issuers to strategically improve profitability with accurate forecasts and optimized credit offerings. Using SAS® Visual Analytics, Forte delivers accurate, dynamic evaluations of credit risk and consumer behavior, so you can design competitive offerings with ease and efficiency.

Corios’ Forte solution empowers you to:

  • Identify the drivers of profit
  • Produce forecasts based upon likely economic scenarios
  • Illuminate interactions between card product dimensions and consumer behavior
  • Optimize credit offerings while managing credit risk


Demand Forecasting

Accurately predicting consumer demand is one of the most difficult challenges facing businesses today. Fragmented forecasting processes, disparate data systems, and the challenge of reconciling short-term forecasts with longer term planning create barriers to accurate demand forecasting and predictive analytics.

Corios’ demand forecasting capabilities help clients efficiently translate data into forward-looking actionable insights to guide more profitable decisions and strategy. We help our clients:

  • Drive planning and optimize operations with an integrated demand forecast
  • Maximize forecast accuracy, and adjust to correct for anomalies or recent trends
  • Accurately match supply to demand
  • Increase revenue and profitability


Revenue Forecasting

It’s critically important for companies to create high-quality revenue forecasts. We’ve seen stock prices plunge after public companies miss their own revenue predictions. Similarly, managerial reputations rise and fall based on the ability to forecast and hit revenue targets effectively.

Corios’ integrated revenue forecasting capabilities help our clients:

  • Ground revenue projections in market facts
  • Map expectations around volatility
  • Create baseline forecast to measure success of growth strategies
  • Inspire confidence in investors and reduce the cost of capital


Pricing Optimization

Pricing strategy and structure are incredibly powerful, and often under-utilized, profit levers.

Corios’ pricing optimization solution integrates pricing strategy and structure into overall business strategy and objectives to help our clients reach their goals efficiently.

With our Forte solution for pricing optimization, Corios clients:

  • Understand price elasticity at the consumer and product levels
  • Increase gross margin
  • Increase sales
  • Drive localized, more profitable, more efficient pricing decisions
  • Make pricing decisions in the context of enterprise planning objectives
  • Maximize financial results within adherence to core business rules and constraints


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