For those interested in the distinct capabilities that Corios offers, you’re in the right place!

We leverage the following capabilities to deliver customized business analytics solutions to our clients:

  • Analytics/Process – optimize business process and strategic systems
  • Cognitive Modeling – simulate human problem solving and mental task processes
  • Forecasting – leverage historic data to determine the direction of future trends
  • Markov Chain – analyze the tendency of one event to be followed by another
  • Optimization – find the best element from a set of available alternatives
  • Predictive Modeling/Scorecarding – “rank-order” customers according to their likelihood to exhibit a specific behavior
  • Software Development – research, develop, prototype, modify, reuse, re-engineer, and maintain a software product
  • Stochastic Simulations – evaluate or estimate intractable problems by probabilistic simulation and sampling
  • Supply Chain Analysis – get unique insights on demand patterns, supply networks and logistics opportunities
  • Test & Learn – compare results of competing strategies and changes over time
  • Visualization – visually explore data sets of any size to spot trends, patterns and hidden insights


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