Client testimonials

The truest measure of a business partnership is the results that we produce for our clients. Their results are mirrored in their testimonials about the results they value, our expertise that makes these results possible, and our partnership with them as a boutique professional services firm, which ensures that these results will be fast and the experience worry-free.

Results and outcomes

The Corios team focuses on results and outcomes, rather than project activity and task completion. Our clients’ praise reflects our commitment to producing compelling results quickly for their business.

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Boutique partnership

The Corios team is a boutique partnership with your business. We work directly with you to deliver compelling results quickly.

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The Corios team brings a wealth of expertise, and we collaborate with you to implement solutions you own. We empower you to own and manage your solutions on your terms, and we don’t build black boxes that put your business over a barrel.

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Most eye-opening moment: their performance results

To me, the most eye-opening moment was when we went to go look at the performance numbers of what they have built. When you’re talking hundreds of terabytes of data, I’ve seen the process take days. Corios got it down to ingested in 15 minutes, and produced results in less than a day. I was expecting something that would take 10 times as long.

We were stunned at how rapidly we could see useful results

In contrast to other initiatives, where we had become accustomed to waiting six months and seeing very little of value emerge from it, Corios rapidly produced a very compelling pilot solution for our purchased coverage portfolio management analytics initiative in about 2 weeks.

We were stunned at how rapidly we could see useful results. It was hard to find anything to critique out of Corios’ analytics solution, and it enabled us to quickly confirm that Corios and AWS should be on our roadmap for future development of warranty analytics solutions.

Mike F, Captive finance executive
One of the world's top heavy vehicle manufacturers

One of the most insightful analytics practitioners I have ever met

I have known Robin Way (Corios’ founder and President) for over a dozen years and consider him one of the most insightful analytics practitioners I have ever met. I always consult with Robin when we are doing something outside our experience set. Recently Robin and team helped us transform our modeling approach to leverage very low latency transactional data.

Gregory Holzwarth, Senior Vice President, Marketing Information Group
SunTrust Bank (now Truist)

Step-by-step approach to effective predictive modeling and its application in business

Robin Way (Corios’ founder and President) is an expert in field of analytics and he draws on his vast consulting experience to curate salient points using real-world examples. Robin starts by helping (you) assess (your) organization’s analytical maturity and provides practical insights for enhancing the organizations analytical capabilities, and aligning business and analytics priorities.

He then offers a step-by-step approach to effective predictive modeling and its application in business. And finally, a playbook for leveraging “big data” including customer interactions and transactions, and optimization analytics.

Abbas Merchant, Group Vice President, Marketing and Customer Insights
M&T Bank

Extremely pleased with Corios’ turn-around time and professionalism

Unlike other analytics projects, where it typically takes 8-12 months or more to see results, Corios rapidly designed and built a secure, privacy-compliant analytics environment in just a few weeks. We were extremely pleased with Corios’ turn-around time and professionalism. The main proof point I go back to is how it accelerated the alignment of the data work to overall corporate strategy.

Drew Anderson, Chief Data Officer and Investor Relations Director
Umpqua Bank

Unlike others, Corios is not a black box

Most of their competitors say “…give us your data, and we’re going to put it into a black box and we’re going to give you an answer.” Corios says, “Give us your data, we’ll involve you as much or as little as you want, and we’ll tell you everything we know about it.”

We recommend Corios to anyone looking to build a business optimizing analytics and big data

We brought in Robin Way of Corios to help us identify our business and technical requirements, develop a business strategy where we could optimize our clients’ business performance using forward-looking data-driven strategies, design an implementation approach that we could phase in over time, and give us the confidence to proceed with these cloud-based analytics.

We’d recommend Corios to anyone looking to have an implementable strategy on AWS that relies on having actionable, business optimizing analytics and big data.

Paul Weinert, Chairman and Founder
GrayBox Digital Consulting

Committed to make us successful

Corios’ responsiveness, and the level of engagement–I feel like they’re really 300% on our team and are committed to make us successful.

Your expertise and decisive direction were instrumental

I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your assistance developing the Analytics Deployment capabilities at my prior employer.  In a few short years, we were able to dramatically change the timeframe and effort required to deploy our Predictive Models.

I think back to the 9 to 15-month lifecycle that it once took to develop and deploy our models and am so pleased with our current capability of deploying our SAS models directly into production without the lengthy technology conversion.

Your expertise and decisive direction were instrumental in breaking down the barriers and leading our large organization through this change. I so appreciate working with a brilliant team that also has the integrity to deliver on its promises.  I see that your team is growing and it does not surprise me. It is often a challenge to find consultants to partner with that deliver as specified and are a pleasure to work with.

John A, Analytics executive
One of the top 10 largest property and casualty insurers in the US

Responsiveness: I can pick up a phone and just ask them something

Most technology firms are so huge that it takes 15 people and 14 committees to get anything done, so everything becomes excruciatingly slow. In contrast, Corios is three time zones away, but I can pick up a phone and just ask them something. That’s the most refreshing element.

Corios bridged the divide between IT and Marketing

Robin Way (Corios’ founder and President) is that rarest of breeds: an accomplished data guru who can translate complex technical concepts into terms that every business person can understand and appreciate. His leadership in bridging the historical divide between our IT and Marketing functions has been integral to helping our company achieve its vision of a data-focused, insight-driven organization.

James Weber, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President
Comerica Bank

Corios distills large, complex data to give us an actionable outcome

Corios is good at taking large, complex datasets and distilling them down to give an actionable outcome for us. They have a lot of technical expertise, but also capability to understand the data to make it actionable.

We were looking for a partner who could actually help define the product

We were not looking for a company that would just take our order. We were looking for a partner who could actually help define the product. We need someone who might know what we don’t even know ourselves.

Corios asks: Tell us your business problem, we’ll help you answer that

It’s more than just “Give us your data and we’ll turn it into a PowerPoint chart.” Instead, it’s “Tell us your business problem–what are you trying to achieve, and we’ll use data to try to answer that with you.”

Highly knowledgeable in how to marry strategic application and technical analytics

Robin Way and his team at Corios are highly knowledgeable in their ability to marry strategic application and technical configuration of analytics tools to meet the needs of our program and business.  His team works with our teams to cover broader, big-picture strategy topics.

This business operating model during our engagement with Corios has been effective for my team (with the expectation that the teams Corios is supporting are equally as responsive and collaborative). Additionally, Robin is a great partner and open to feedback on deliverables and interactions and flexible when we need to pivot to adjust or refine projects.

Carmen C, Marketing executive
One of the top 25 retailer enterprises in the US

Really talented people

It’s a combination of being smaller but also really talented people. With bigger vendors, you have four people on the phone and explain it to them, it takes forever. Corios has really smart people, they can get it done quickly, and can move when they need to.

Corios made a difference in our business

There aren’t a lot of companies that are their size and can go into banks and actually make a difference.

What impressed me was their business principle

What impressed me was their business principle: “We’re not a black box, we’re here to show you everything you want to know, because we believe the more you know, the more you’re going to want to know.”