The Corios team brings a wealth of expertise, and we collaborate with you to implement solutions you own. We empower you to own and manage your solutions on your terms, and we don’t build black boxes that put your business over a barrel.

Corios’ expertise

What impressed me was their business principle

What impressed me was their business principle: “We’re not a black box, we’re here to show you everything you want to know, because we believe the more you know, the more you’re going to want to know.”

Corios distills large, complex data to give us an actionable outcome

Corios is good at taking large, complex datasets and distilling them down to give an actionable outcome for us. They have a lot of technical expertise, but also capability to understand the data to make it actionable.

Corios asks: Tell us your business problem, we’ll help you answer that

It’s more than just “Give us your data and we’ll turn it into a PowerPoint chart.” Instead, it’s “Tell us your business problem–what are you trying to achieve, and we’ll use data to try to answer that with you.”

Most eye-opening moment: their performance results

To me, the most eye-opening moment was when we went to go look at the performance numbers of what they have built. When you’re talking hundreds of terabytes of data, I’ve seen the process take days. Corios got it down to ingested in 15 minutes, and produced results in less than a day. I was expecting something that would take 10 times as long.

Unlike others, Corios is not a black box

Most of their competitors say “…give us your data, and we’re going to put it into a black box and we’re going to give you an answer.” Corios says, “Give us your data, we’ll involve you as much or as little as you want, and we’ll tell you everything we know about it.”